Training Center

One Stop Guard Card Training “Obtain Your Guard Card the Fast, Easy and Fun Way”

  • Guard Card Basic Course (required by BSIS)… $48.00
  • Live Scan Fingerprints (required by BSIS)… Available

Class days and times

  • Fridays 10:00am

Call (408) 978-9111 to schedule your class.
Classes held at 1735 N. First St. #104 San Jose, CA

Top Security Training Facility in the South Bay

Located in San Jose, securitycode3 Security Training is the leading Security Training Facility in the South Bay Area. Not to mention the only Licensed Private Security Agency that is a BSIS Certified and approved security training facility. That’s right, industry leaders training the future of our industry. We are doing our part to better the Security Industry as a whole!

We have a new facility that consists of state of the art technology and equipment as well as a comfortable environment. We have the ability to facilitate training groups of any size or arrange courses and training seminars at your facility.

No one is better qualified to teach security than those who specialize in providing it

securitycode3 was founded by a private security agency with the premonition that no one is better qualified to teach security than those who specialize in providing it. Our certified instructors sustain several years of security experience and are well versed with BSIS Regulations and operations related to the industry. In addition we have instructors who are just as experienced with training that is appropriate for corporations and the general public. We will make every effort to meet your needs or requirements, regardless of your organizations size or constraints.

Top Concern & Highest Priority

It is a recognized fact that training is a vital determinant in ensuring effective job performance. Therefore, training is of top concern and highest priority to Security Code 3

Training Conducted By Executives & Managers

At Security Code 3 we have our own in-house training program, certified by the State of California. Every applicant is required to attend a pre-assignment training session and pass a 65 question examination prior to employment. Training is conducted each week in our own classroom and consists of 24 hours of lectures by our Executives and managers including the President. The curriculum is comprised of the following subjects:


  • Administrative and Security Orientation TO INCLUDE CROSSING GUARDS.
  • Legal Authority
  • Authority of the Security Officer
  • Elements and Mechanics of Arrest
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Search and Seizure
  • Protection of the Crime Scene
  • Traffic Control
  • Dealing with Children
  • WE meet all training guidelines with SB 1626 certifications.
  • Courtroom Procedures
  • Child Safety
  • Lost Children
  • Reporting Hazards
  • Self-Defense
  • Company Policy and Procedures
  • Public Relations
  • Report Writing
  • Method of Patrol
  • Sexual harassment
  • Loss Prevention
  • Internal and External thefts
  • First Aid
  • Communications
  • Fire Prevention
  • Defensive Driving
  • Uniforms and Equipment
  • CPR Certified (if required by contract)

Once the applicant has completed the entry level training, the results of his final examination will determine whether or not he will be hired. When he does become an employee, his performance is continually monitored and evaluated.


Training Facility Lic #1240